Homeless Outreaches provide Christ-centered service to the poor, hungry and unsheltered homes through weekly meals, clothing drives, visits and encouragement.  Here are a few of the outreach programs that work out of the Bridge on a regular basis. 

CISP Homeless Outreach (This school group cannot facilitate outside volunteers but they welcome donations to help with the food for the homeless)

Every Wednesday, 3PM-5PM

Contact person: Terry Chumbley

YWAM Homeless Outreach

Every Thursday, 12:30PM- 3PM

Contact person: Robin Harsh

Y.A.N.A Homeless Outreach

Every Saturday, 10AM - 2PM

Contact person: Joshua Santosh

Carmina and Ben Andra (ICP) Outreach

Every Saturday at Hlavni Nadrazi at 5:30 pm

Contact Carmina Andra

Here is the map of other groups and activities helping homeless in Prague.