If you are in going to be in Prague for 3 months or 30 years we invite you to become an active part of the International Church of Prague. We need you and you need the church. At ICP we believe that being a part of the local church body is an important part of a Christian's life. Membership at ICP does not exclude you from continuing to be a member in your home church. In our experience, people who become members usually serve with greater fervour and energy and are more likely to get involved in the various activities and programmes the church provides. It also gives us the opportunity to commit to serving you more fully in matters regarding your spiritual health and walk with Jesus. 

With this in mind, as a multi-denominational church, it is important that those interested in membership to know that a core value at ICP is “in essentials unity, in non-essentials diversity and in all things charity.” Please contact our pastor Drew Stephens if you are interested in finding out more or becoming a member. He can be contacted by phone on 777 545 411 or by email at