ICP Privacy Policy

Your privacy matter to us. In compliance with the EU GDPR, International Church of Prague has adopted the following policy and practices concerning privacy and data usage.  To read the policy click here. ICP_Privacy_Policy_2018.pdf

Purpose of this Policy:  Effective May 28, 2018 there are new laws regarding data privacy in the EU. This document intends to inform you as to the personal data ICP holds, how its stored and what its used for. Please direct any questions regarding this document to office@icprague.cz.

ICP Data Usage Consent Form is available here: 


LIVE Streaming Privacy Notice

Many of the public services at ICP are Live-Streamed on the internet.  This allows us to share the good things that are happening at the International Church of Prague with a wider audience and gives visitors an opportunity to check out ICP online before they attend in person.

We recognize that some people will prefer to not have their image on  the Live-Stream.  The balcony seating on the west side of the Sanctuary is kept out of the camera view and will not be seen on the live-stream feeds. We encourage those who  prefer to not have their image on the Live-stream to sit in this area.