Homeless outreach Prague

Homeless Outreach Prague

Every Saturday, we feed over 100 homeless. 

For some, that’s the only warm meal they get all week! 

Join our Homeless Outreach team to help them get through another winter! 

How you can serve: actively, with your time 


Every Saturday, 6pm (summer hours) | 2pm (starting November). 


Hlavni Nadrazi, in the park, at the last row of benches towards Muzeum. 

Gps location: 50°04'57.9"N 14°25'58.1"E

OR: With your resources.

Contact: Beniamin Ardelean: bengjy2@gmail.com

Carmina Ardelean: carminaandrap@gmail.com

Or join our Facebook group: Homeless Outreach Prague

Here are some ways you can help!

→You can meet us at 4pm (12 pm, starting November) at The Bridge Center to help us prepare the food.  Please notify us in advance, as the kitchen can accommodate a limited number of people. 

→You can also join us directly at the event with food you have cooked at home, or take-away food (fruit, sandwiches, juice, protein bars, cookies, etc., clothes or hygiene products. Again, please inform us in advance. 

→OR join to help with food distribution, even if you can’t bring anything! 

→If you want to support the Ministry, but you are not able to attend the events, you can help us keep the pantry supplied. 

Here are some of the things we need the most to make each Saturday event possible: 

* Non-perishable food: pasta, rice, canned meat and veggies, sugar, long-life milk, coffee, tea, cookies, biscuits, protein bars, juice, etc. 

*Disposable plates, cups, and cutlery. Please try to source paper plates & cups & wooden cutlery or compostable plastics. 

*Hygiene items: paper tissue packs, baby wipes, sanitary napkins, soap bars, tooth brush & paste, moisturizer, lip balm. 

*Clothing: warm clothes, especially men;s clothing, scarves, socks, gloves, hats & blankets. 

You can bring these items in bags labeled “Homeless Outreach” at ICP and leave them in the foyer. 

On behalf of the Homeless of Prague, 

Thank you!