• Sunday indonesian Fellowship

    Prague 1, 2:00pm

    Bridge Center, Ve Smeckach 13

    Indonesian fellowship is held out of a longing to worship together in the mother tongue and gather together in a mutually reinforcing, motivating and helping atmosphere. 

    This fellowship is open to all people, not limited to Indonesians only, but also those who wish to praise God and worship in Indonesian language. 

    Once a month we will hold an "open house", which is worship and prayers together with people from various nations with English translation. 

    For more info, please contact tambahanibilly@gmail.com

  • Chinese fellowship

    Prague 13, Sunday 7:00pm

    Bridge Center, Ve Smeckach 13

    We welcome Mandarin-speakers  to join us to worship God, fellowship,  and to study His word.  We are currently studying Romans.  Contact Job Yan at jobyanz@gmail.com or +420 775 126 802  

  • Tuesday Evening GROUpMixed Adults

    Uholicky, 7:00pm

    Uholicky is in the Praha-zapad area of Stredoeský Kraj - you will find a Google map of it here. We meet on Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm for a meal together, with a Bible study starting at 8pm.  

    Contact Trevor Marshall tpemarshall@gmail.com or 776 293 261, or Ali Marshall ali.art.teacher@gmail.com or 776 042 819.

  • TUESDAY Home group young adults

    6:30pm, Prague 2

    We meet at the Martin house in Vyšehrad, Prague 2 (nearest tram stop Karlovo Namesti & Vyšehrad). 

    The group in running every Tuesday from 6:30 - 8:30pm for students, early career and young adults whether single or married. Meetings start over dinner and follow courses to grow deeply in the Christian life. This term we will be looking for Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. 

    Join us to chill, eat dinner, chat and getting to know each other. 

    For more information please contact Celina Martin celina@icprague.cz or Ian Martin ian@icprague.cz

  • Wednesday Evening Group

    Prague 8, 7:00 pm

    The Prague 8 usually studies a book from the Bible each week and prays together. On the first Wednesday of each month, we have  apologetics evening  where people can bring their questions regarding the Christian faith  and we discuss them. The Palmovka Group meets each week from 7:00-8:30pm. 

    If interested in being a part , contact Leslie Johnson prgjohnson@gmail.com

  • Wednesday group for working adults

    Prague 5

    Have you every wished for a thirty-hour day? 

    Every week we leave a trail of unfinished tasks. 

    Unanswered letters, unvisited friends and unread books haunt our waking moments. We desperately need relief. 

    Study topic: Tyranny Urgent (Priorities). 

    A series of 6 studies designed to help out put your life back in order by discovering what is really important. Find out what God's priorities are for you. 


    Meets every other Wednesday. Next meeting: 7:10pm, Wed 9 Jan

    We start with pizza, followed by worship&book study. 

    Contact: Job & Jana at jobyancz@gmail.com or 775 126 802

  • Saturday home group

    Prague 6, 5pm - 8pm

    A family-friendly community group, meeting monthly with a potluck dinner and babysitting for those interested. 
    We'd like to do a thematized potluck dinner (so the food all goes together:) - Italian, Czech, Mexican, etc. We also plan on having a nanny or two to watch kids while we adults get a chance to discuss. We'd like to ask that those who bring kids share the cost of the babysitting.

    If you are interested, please let us know. Contact person Miron&Laira milincev@gmail.com