God's Kingdom Advances on the Prayers of His People

The most important thing a follower of Jesus can do is Pray.

Below are some resources to help you engage in a life filled with kingdom focused prayer.

Roadways to Revival

Prayer is designed to be a continual part of our life.  One of the ways that can help us develop a life of prayer is to look for simple but intentional ways to turn the ordinary activities of life into opportunities for prayer.

The Roadways to Revival Guide is designed to take the every day experience of Public transportation in Prague and make it an occasion of intentional prayer.  Wether you are walking, riding an escalator, on the metro, taking a tram or riding the bus, this guide will help you pray as you go.

Begin to use these prayer ideas on a regular basis and you will see God do amazing things and you will grow in your own prayer life. 

You can download a pdf version to print or use in your phone here