Worship Celebration 10:30 am

At the International Church of Prague worship is what we live.  It is more than singing or gathering together for a church service. Worship is a personal and active pursuit of loving God.  We gather together to enjoy God's presence, express our love for and dependence on God, to learn from His Word and to then go out and show God's grace and love to others in every area of our lives.  

We use a blend of contemporary worship songs and historic hymns to express praise to God.  We then explore not only what His Word, (the Bible) says but how to live it out on a daily basis. 

We invite you to come as you are.  Come with questions, come with doubt,  come with failure, just come. We all have similar needs and struggles, but we have found Jesus is the one who gives life meaning and joy. 

We invite you to participate in the life you were created for, a life filled with relationship and celebration in Jesus Christ.